Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I can now say with all honesty. I have an award winning novel!! "YAY"

I am delighted to announce that a few weeks ago I was told that Jodie and the library card was awards a literary prize, just yesterday I received the award seal so that I could plaster it every where and any where , which is exactly what I am doing.. Its nice when friends and family say that your book is good or they enjoyed it. But when you receive an award for it being a most excellent book, then you really feel that all your hard work has paid of, as someone else recognises it and makes a point of telling you. How cool is that!
So here it it..The seal. Which will go onto my books and web and blogs. and here is the winning story.
Thanks to all those that have read and enjoyed, and a special thanks to those who take the time to review our work. I can now say Jodie and the library card is an award winning novel.I and pleased and very proud. If you want a signed copy you can get me directly through my website. Or pop onto amazon.


  1. The story is excellent, would make a children's series to die for! and congratz on winning.

  2. Jodie is being translated into Swedish, as we speak, actually...

  3. Jodie and the library card by Julie... Reply w/ #AmazonBasket for a free sample http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JXKHXVM/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_ZfT9ub06ZXAV1 via @AmazonUK

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  5. BIG congrats, Jodie is a really good book, full of insight, history and good enough for adults to read too LOL I read it it was such a refreshing change . Well done on the award.