Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It starts with one act... and silently watching abuse....

It starts with not allowing someone to wear a certain kind of clothing..
It starts with now allowing a certain religion, the peace to worship. It starts with a person being judged by the colour of their skin.
It starts with Uneducated ignorance about each other. It starts with ganging up on people because they are different, whether it is from a handicap, or any other physical difference. It starts with crazy people in power being racist, being ignorant, being abusive, because they can!
This HAS to stop, we are all the damn same, we are ALL of the human race, we are all unique, we are all worthy. Will people be just rounded up and taken away because they do not "fit" in society???? We need to bally well grow up and grow up fast....
It is so easy to say "it is the law" it is so easy to use that excuse for humiliating an individual. It starts with one act... one act that is watched but not acted upon to stop it.... It starts with? YOU.......................................... It HAS to stop.


  1. Brilliantly said.The media are no help at all.

  2. man is its own worse enemy!

  3. this is where it starts, with people being blind to racism. Blindly doing as they are told with out a moral conscience. We are doomed!

  4. Unfortunately it is always the weak that suffer! Look at the USA under that orange twat and narcissist Trump! FFS God help us all..
    Gerry M.