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Latest review for Lilly Peppertree

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HASH(0x9c362c9c) out of 5 stars Amazing book which held me spell bound. 20 Feb. 2016

By Darshana Parekh - Published on

Format: Kindle Edition

After reading “Finding Fizz,' “Jodie and the library card,” “Jodie Broom: The Book of the Rose,” I have become a fan of author Julie Hodgson. So when her new book “Lily Peppertree” was published, I was eager to see where the author was going to take me this time, and I was not wrong. This time, she takes us into a magical land of Pendle, Lancaster and explores a totally new subject of witches and their magic.

Witches aren’t real. Are they? You will know once you read the book.

How does one even begin? This book is very well written! This original story is filled with delightful descriptions which made me feel as if I was standing in front there, witnessing each scene as the story gently unfolds. The heartwarming dialogues between little Lilly and her mother felt so real. It is a story about the small girl Lilly Peppertree who has lost her mother in a horse riding accident and all she has now are her memories. Under the tender care of her grandparents, Lilly has started to live a little when her mother starts appearing in her dreams.

At first, she is full of joy as this way; she can connect with her mother, to see her, to feel her presence. But slowly the dreams become regular, and Lilly is worried. Are they ever going to stop? Is her mother trying to tell her something? Why does she see the same dream over and over again?
While her grandfather will leave no stone unturned to make her feel loved and he will even sit with her, holding her hand when Lilly wakes up from the dream, she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t like crows.

Finally one night, she can understand what her mother is trying to tell her. Well, I will not tell what it was as I don’t want to spoil your fun. You have to discover it yourself. Just buckle up your seat belts and be prepared to go where Lilly will take you in this superb book which is filled with mystery as well.

As the story progressed, I fell in love with this ten-year-old girl, who is beautiful, courageous and has a heart of gold. While her pain of losing her mother stirred my heart, her bravery and her faith in her ability made me speechless. She is a wonderful combination of innocence, intelligence, and determination. She gets support from her sister Amber and off they go to change the belief which has been terrifying the people of Pendle, Lancaster since long.

Will she be able to succeed in that? What dangers await her as Lilly slowly discovers her true identity? I can’t tell you. Author Julie Hodgson creates a spell bounding story with her powerful and mighty pen and leaves all of us asking for more.

I truly enjoyed this story, and I would recommend it to others. It was really a fun read! It's not all about witches only, though. It shows if you have faith in yourself anything is possible. It has tears, laughter and some heartfelt family moments as well. You won't be able to put it down. I hope that there will be a second book out soon because I couldn’t have enough of Lilly Peppertree and her adventures.

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