Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lilly Peppertree, a 1612 witch saga for all ages.

It is 1612 and a dangerous time to be a witch. The people of Pendle, Lancaster are terrified of witches and any woman suspected of witchcraft is taken to The Dying Tree and hanged. But witches aren’t real. Are they?
Lilly Peppertree knows nothing of witches. Her life has its own challenges. Three years after the horse-riding accident that claimed her mama’s life, she is starting to dream about her again. She had longed to see her mama in dreams, but now she won’t leave her alone. Could it be that Mama is trying to tell her something?
This book is due out end of January, if you would like to pre order one, please contact through the facebook page or watch for details on


  1. This book sounds intriguing, I love anything to do with Pendle hill, and withces, their story is such a sad one, and things happened , that should not have really happened, Ignorance is such a dangerous thing. Great news for the publishing world, another book about Pendle hill. Thanks.

    1. It does doesn't it.Salem was just as bad actually! killing innocents with ignorance and religion.

  2. thanks guys..I shall keep you posted on a launch date.