Sunday, October 23, 2016

Skriv2016 Conference Nacka in Stockholm.

It is not often that I get time to spend with like-minded folk, people that adore the written word, or people that write them down.. This weekend spent at the Skriv2016 conference has certainly been an eye opener, I have made new friends, new acquaintances and met hundreds of new words! isn't that the coolest thing ever??
Listening to one of my favorite authors Arne Dahl, and hearing his words of wisdom, was a breath of fresh air. Having read his books in English and also seen the TV programs in Swedish, and getting to meet him was wonderful. Great tips and lots of advice.
Martin Schibbye was so inspiring to listen to, I changed my second workshop to listen to him again. I had always traveled and been in countries that were not exactly safe and understood the danger and power of secrets and friendships, you make when you are in such situations. I am looking forward to reading your book, thanks, Martin :)
I am a people watcher and during this conference, I have gained a plethora of new characters for my stories. Sitting around a table with like minded people, laughing over situations and telling stories! what a joy!
I shall certainly try and attend another one next year! So my fellow writers... Lets write, then write some more! there are books to be written and even more books to be read!


  1. You are an inspiration Julie! Just loved your book, thankyou. HG

  2. So glad I got a copy of All you need is love (and a big handbag) a wonderful read. Laughed a lot, as you said I would. Jenny P Thanks

  3. Great to meet you.